Steven Antonio J Manes (1993, BE) Ghent based Italian visual artist, abstract sculptures and drawings

“I always feel an urge to create, to translate my view on the world and feelings into abstract images to tell the story of who I am/what I feel.
It’s important to me to be honest with yourself and true to who you are and how you feel inside while co-existing in this perishable world.

Feelings in which people can recognise themself, that once and a while everyone has like sadness, frustration or feeling lost.

Also my Italian roots have a profound influence on my work. This is the language of my heart and still the best way for me to express myself purely.

Only in art I can be 100% purely myself, without thinking too much or compromise to someone or something. This is my art and this is me.”

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april 2019 : SOLO EXPO ‘Uomo Perso’, Winkelhaak House of C, Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26, 2060 Antwerpen


22 > 24-2 / Kunstgezind NYC EXPO ‘BE…’ groupexpo @ The Canvas, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

1 >14-2 / ‘Vitrines d’Amour’ @ Chambres d’Hôtes Hôtel Verhaegen, Oude Houtlei 110, 9000 Gent


Expo ‘Goodnight Antwerp’, Olijftakstraat 32, Antwerp, 30-12-2018

Expo ‘Atomic Backyard Party’, Volkstraat 20, Antwerp, 15 > 25-12-2018

Kotroute Gent, 28-11-2018

Apprentice Master Project 2017-2018 : Expo ‘Keepsake’, Kunstpodium T, Noordstraat 105, Tilburg NL, 15-2 > 4-3-2018

Expo ‘Out of the Studio’, Campo Santo Gentbrugge, 4-5-2018

Expo Kunstgezind, Reyndersstraat 20, Antwerpen, 5-5-2017 > 25-5-2018


Expo ‘Close your eyes and I will kiss you’, CC Muze Zolder, 24-6 > 25-8 2017

Expo ‘Kunstkrakers’,  Krijgshospitaal Dendermonde, 1 > 23-7-2017

Expo ‘BRIK Art Project’, Mol, 30-9 > 1-10-2017


Geselecteerde Mark Macken Prijs voor Beeldhouwkunst 2016, Brouwersvliet 2, Antwerp, 26-2 > 23-3-2016



2014 - 2018 : Sculpture at LUCA School Of Arts, Ghent

2007 - 2011 : Kunsthumaniora Pikoh, Hasselt